Ancient Egyptian statues live to tell the tale

Ancient Egyptian statues for sale come from an era when these beautiful artistic endeavors were once important possessions of wealthy Egyptians and Egyptian royalty. Now we have a tendency to see them as priceless. We don’t know how many have disappeared into the sands of time. We know that few ancient Egyptian artifacts survive to refer to. Whether or not they are in an Egyptian gift shop or Egyptian British Museum.

Few people realize that ancient Egyptian statues for sale are essentially a porthole to the past that individuals can own, decorate and even celebrate. Ancient Greek statues illuminate the gods that the Egyptian people feared and revered. They show the majesty of women who are considered queens or goddesses. They show the animal nature of the gods and the royal life of ancient kings.

The fascinating Bastet statue brings us the cat as a deity, in a position to change lives at will. Of course, some like the Sphinx; The cat-like figure is most associated with ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptian figurines for sale in Egyptian gift shops also include black scarabs. These ornamental beetles represented the earthly life that the sun god gave to man. They were kept as amulets against trouble and given as tokens of affection.

There is Isis, a generous and beautiful goddess, who was a benefactor to the down-trodden. Sometimes she is depicted with open wings. There is the dramatic Horus Falcon. He still trembles today, perhaps thanks to his status as a god of vengeance. Perhaps this is because he is commonly depicted in ancient Egyptian statues with the head of a falcon and a strong human body. Then there is Anubis, depicted with the head of a jackal. He is commonly misunderstood as merely the god of death. In fact, many Egyptians regarded him as a living god because he guaranteed people an afterlife.

These treasures can be found together with various ancient Egyptian artifacts that commemorate royalty who were regarded as gods themselves. The charming queens, Nefertiti and Cleopatra, are among the traditional Greek statues commonly found in the Egyptian British Museum and among the traditional Egyptian statues for sale in Egyptian gift shops. King Tut statues and casket boxes remind us of the glory of Egypt, the great tombs and pyramids that housed the possessions of kings.

Ancient Egyptian statues for sale usually represent the great designs of the past. There the pyramid reaches up to the sky. There are pyramids, tombs of kings and mausoleums of kings guarding the treasure. Usually there are hieroglyphics, the representational language that allows translators to tell us the secrets of that treasure.