How to make and sell crafts for charity

Many members of the arts and crafts fraternity make and sell crafts to raise money for charity. What better way to combine the passion of creating something handmade with giving to a worthy cause. From jewelry makers to knitters and handmade card makers, these makers of handmade crafts all use their talents to help those in need.

There are many ways in which makers of handmade crafts can help by donating to charity, and even a small token item can go a long way.

Some artisans raise money for charity by donating a percentage of their sales to their designated charity. Anyone buying from that artist or craft person knows that a certain amount of their money is going to charity, even though the artist himself knows that each sale is more worthwhile knowing that someone else will benefit from it.

Other manufacturers raise money for charity by donating products to auctions, craft fairs or raffles. Here, profits from auctions, fairs or lotteries go directly to charity. Often they solicit donations from fellow artists and artists and are then sold by auction or lottery to raise money. Most makers of handmade crafts are willing to donate an item to charity.

There are many organizations around that accept or make handmade items in aid of charity. An example of this is a group of volunteers who sew and knit baby clothes and other handmade baby items for hospitals.

Other methods of selling crafts for charity are car boot sales, advertising in the local paper or in shop windows. Often craft fairs, village fairs and school fairs offer free rates for having booths selling handmade items in aid of charity.

If you want to start making handmade items for charity, you can consider the items you will make and how the theme might relate to your chosen charity. So for example if you love knitting, you might want to start making and selling small teddy bears for charity. To associate the bear with the great cause you’re raising money for, you may want to decorate it with a jumper or ribbon with the charity’s logo and colours.

If you have a craft business or hobby that you want to support a charity close to your heart, you may want to consider contacting the charity directly. They may be able to help you by directing you to like-minded people and use their experience to provide you with the support you need.