How Nonprofit Organizations Can Use Promotional Products

What is the mission of your non-profit organization? Most non-profits and nonprofits exist to spread the word about an important cause or raise money to meet a need. Promotional products can serve as an important part of your strategy in several ways. Promotional product objectives generally fall into one of the following categories:

– Increase name recognition

– Advertising of a product or service

– Thanks to customers or contributors

– Dissemination of information

– Raise funds

– Raise support for a cause

Here are some specific ways your nonprofit can use promotional products.

Increase name recognition

Getting your name and your cause recognized is often one of the first items on your nonprofit’s agenda. This often involves participating in local events such as information fairs, street festivals and conferences. The type of promotional products that many companies use as trade show giveaways work just as well to increase your agency’s name recognition. Printed travel mugs and sports bottles, car stickers and other generic items are widely used and spread your name.

Advertising a product or service

More specific items can be more effective when combined with a slogan that runs on the item itself. Although your product or service may not be “for sale,” your organization still needs to sell it to the public. The same methods used by retailers and businesses will bring in “customers” for your nonprofit’s services and products

Thank you or appreciation gifts

One of the more effective ways to increase goodwill for your cause is to thank contributors and participants. Whether you send small tokens to those who contribute, large gifts to those who volunteer in substantial ways, or free “gifts” to those who respond to calls to action, promotional items are a low-cost way to say “thanks” for helping out.

Some examples:

– Give a free appointment calendar to any woman who comes in for a free mammogram – and mark when the next month is due

– All promotional gifts used in the campaign must mention the campaign slogan as well as the name of the corporate sponsors.

– Send cheap promotional products as thank you gifts to all contributors. Give big gifts to those who contribute big

Disseminate information

Turn to companies that specialize in promotional products to help you design and create the flyers and leaflets you’ll hand out to spread the word. If your message is short, you can put it in a variety of promotional products that you can use to spread the word. The latest technology offers more ways to disseminate information. Keep important presentations on a USB flash drive to make a real impression. Their prices have come down dramatically, making them a great combination promo tool and gift for those important potential contributors.

fund raising

Promotional products are also great for fundraising campaigns. Whether you’re selling car stickers to raise a few hundred bucks, or mounting a charity event with a much larger goal in mind, the key is publicity. You can sell printed products, offer promotional apparel for sale, or pledge high billing to corporate sponsors on conference folders, event banners, and promotional conference bags at charity events. The possibilities are endless.